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About The Program.

Between The Lines is a strategically crafted program that brings the sport of basketball, and all the valuable life lessons associated with it, to the courts of rehabilitation centers throughout the country. It is our belief that basketball, even more so than any other sport, can be used to teach extremely constructive and beneficial lessons. Lessons that stick with players, travel beyond the confines of the playing court, and translate into everyday life. Some of these lessons include but are not limited to, belief in oneself, the value of discipline and hard work, responsibility, accountability, how to be a team player, overcoming obstacles and adversity, dealing with wins and losses, persistence, time management, making sacrifices, and an overall respect for others.


Regardless of what mistakes an incarcerated person has made or what circumstances have led to their incarceration, they are our brothers and sisters and are not to be simply thrown away and forgotten. Even from behind bars, each and every incarcerated person has a specific purpose. Many serve as parents, siblings, cousins, friends, mentors, etc.


One of the lesser known facts is that 9/10 of those incarcerated currently will be released at some point into the greater society. It serves the community best to have programs like ‘Between the Lines’ that assist in breaking the pattern of recidivism. Having positive and stimulating programs that aim to prevent recidivism can aid in boosting spirits, inspire growth and assist in the process of rehabilitation. Subsequently, this permeates the relationships with their loved ones and undoubtedly has a positive impact on the world as a whole. 


Between The Lines strives to be a pleasant reminder to our brothers and sisters caught up in the prison system that we have not forgotten about them, we care and we love them.


Meet The Directors.


Darren Duncan

Co- Founder Between The Lines

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Lamont "Tory" Stapleton

Co- Founder Between The Lines

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We’ve designed quality merchandise in an effort to spread our message and fund our upcoming prison visits. The profit from each and every purchase goes towards continuing our program and plays a huge part in our quest to help rehabilitate our participants. When you buy a T-shirt, you can be confident that you’ve made a difference in society!


Your generosity goes a long way! There’s no amount too little. Between The Lines operates solely on donations and profits from our merchandise. We need your help to continue doing what we do best. Every single dollar helps in the rehabilitation process and aids in breaking the cycle of recidivism.


We’re absolutely nothing without volunteers! Time is the single most valuable asset and giving your time is the greatest gift you could possibly give. Join us as we go behind the walls and use the game of basketball to make positive change!